Webit Global Congress 2014

Webit Global Congress, one of the most influential digital and tech events brought close to 10.000 attendees from 110 countries in Istanbul.

Webit 2014 Digital Advertising Panel 3

Founder and CEO of Httpool, Aljoša Jenko, gave a speech on the Cross Channel Approach and moderated the Digital Advertising panel. He invited panelist from Marin Software, Criteo, Brainient, IPONWEB, Infinit Solutions and Manufakture to share their views on the key topics within digital advertising, discuss the impact of the changing media consumption, the cross channel approach, the current and future role of ad technology and explain how it will influence the ecosystem and business models of the key industry players.

Ad technology represents the essence of digital advertising

Panelists agreed the increasing digital media consumption offers numerous opportunities to advertisers, from higher level of personalization, interaction and creativity to extensive targeting opportunities and better analytics, however, sometimes at a price of a higher complexity. Moreover, to fully exploit all the digital channels and devices and leverage the digital channel synergies the advertisers shall adopt a more holistic cross channel approach. To do that properly, they shall use ad technology that facilitates execution of campaigns across multiple channels and devices. In fact, the panelists agreed the ad technology represents the essence of digital advertising and provides not only significant increases in efficiency through automatization or creative permutations and segmentation but access to the broadest range of ad products, targeting options, ad formats, international and local inventory sources. Furthermore, the technology is influencing the whole digital advertising ecosystem and is further connecting publishers, ad networks, ad exchanges and agencies through programmatic ecosystem. Finally, there has been a consensus the industry will continue to rapidly evolve and there will be further convergence of media and digital devices, including smart TV, virtual reality devices, wearable technology and gaming consoles.

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